Compare and join list matches and differences

I need your help with a process. I’m using 2 excel sheets lets say EXCEL A and Excel B both have 2 columns. EXCEL A consists of 20 names and 20 phone numbers. Excel B consists of 10names and 10cities. In excel B the 10 names are taken from excel A. I want a process of Matched Names to be typed in a different excel and Unmatched Names to be written in another column in EXCEL A.
Kindly send a xaml file if possible also it has to be done through LINQ.

Thank You in Advance!
Looking forward for the help.


Please open new threads for more visibility.

In your case you can use join function to achieve the result.


find starter help here:
Find_Common_NonCommon2_By1Col.xaml (13.4 KB)