How to compare 2 data table and if match found then take that value and paste it on new excel!

I m Reading two different excel and I have to compare their datatable by comparing two datatable if match found then i have to paste in new excel

Need Help!


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Can you Post some Sample Data and the information on the compair columns. This helps us to give you faster and more direct a suggestion to you. Thanks

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A.xlsx (8.2 KB) B.xlsx (8.2 KB)

These are two excel and I have to compare both excel(both datatable) and if match found i have to take that match found value.

Help me with comparing and if match found i have to paste match found value in new excel

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i have attach file for ur referenece Need Help!


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OK will a Look on IT give some little time

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Give a chance to following:

1 - Readin Excel A - e.g. dtA is the output of Read Range
2 - Readin Excel B - e.g. dtB is the output of Read Range
3 - Find the matches

Assign activity:

(From da In dtA.AsEnumerable
Join db In dtB.AsEnumerable
On da(0).ToString.Trim Equals db(0).ToString.Trim
Select da).CopyToDataTable

To: dtResult of Datatype: DataTable

4 - Write Result Excel - Write Range of dtResult

FYI: Addy_619.xaml (9.7 KB)

Hi @Addy_619,

Did you get the solution?

Vashisht. (35.0 KB)

I have created a workflow based on your requirement hope it will resolve your issue.


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@Addy_619 You can use join data table activity .

In Join DataTable activity use inner join.

Hope this would be helpful.

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