Compare 2 Excel and saving the result in another excel

I have two files: “File1.xlsx” and “File2.xlsx”, i would like to compare or filter with SELECT this two file excel and found same the value, and for final create new file excel with the results found , that is the same value found in the two file excel.

I would like to extract the code number and the information and put the same value on the new file excel

Please help .
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read this article

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Hello @Viorica_Marga,

Please find a attached file, CompareTwoColumns.xaml (35.0 KB)

In this file, I am reading single file, I am comparing sheet1 with shee2, so you can modify like,

  1. take two read range in exce app scope two datatable will be generated,
  2. compare those datatable,
  3. Write in excel by giving new path and name that will become third excel.


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Hello, @Pankaj.Patil ,
Thank you for your answer
I’m trying
Thanks in advance


If it is possible you can try this code

    DataTable dtIntersect = dtMaths.AsEnumerable().Intersect
        (dtEnglish.AsEnumerable(), DataRowComparer.Default).

Using assign activity to do this and single code to get the matched rows in the table