Check value in dttable1 equals value in dttable2 move to new excel sheet

Hi devs please assist, I have two tables where the value in table1 matches in table2, please how do I compare and get those values and move to a new sheet in excel. Regards!!

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In general, there are following approaches available

  • Lookup DataTable
  • Join DataTable
  • LINQ

With a clear defined case description along with sample data and expected output description we can work out an individual solution suggestion

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Alright, your solution will be appreciated, regards

test.xlsx (8.6 KB)
test1.xlsx (8.6 KB)
So, where sum has the same value and the total sum of the matching value equals 0, move the matching row to a new sheet

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Hi @RPA-botDev ,

I believe the Inputs are provided, but we would also need an Expected Output to be sure as to what logic we need to use.

From this Statement, I did try to create an Expected Output, Please Check if the below is the Required Output for the Input Provided.

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Yes Superman, that’s expected output