Comparing two different columns row by row in two different datatables

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    I have two data tables DT1 and DT2 now I need to compare row by row any one of the column from DT1 to third column of DT2 i.e “c” column  (DT2 contains three columns like A,B,C) if i found match in column “C” I need to get the row value of column “A” in DT2 and need to update that row value in DT1 table in some column.  

Help me how I can achieve this’

Thanks @deepika.

here you go with a xaml
hope this would help you resolve this (19.4 KB)

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Thanks let me try that will come back with results!

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I think in my case this logic not gonna work because continuity of that, if I not found any one of row match in column “c” DT2 again I need to get another one of column data from DT1 need to compare with B column DT2 , match found then same get value from column A and pass to DT1 where we suppose to enter matches data.

If you have idea,Please suggest me,

Guys I need some once suggestion here it’s some what urgent,
For better under standing am sharing the files how looks like

excel 1 excel 2 , I stored two excel data into two data tables DT1 and DT2, now i need to compare complete data one by one from one of the column of DT1 to “D” column of DT2 (we can find match anywhere in the column not row by row)once I found match then I need grab the value from column A in DT2 and need to store in DT1 table /// If not find the match again I need to go back to DT1 and get another column data of unmatched cell value and start looking in column “C” of DT2 if match find in anywhere of entire column grab corresponding column “A” value from DT2 and update in DT1…please help required thanks advance,

Any suggestion/??

@Deepika- did you get any output for this?

Yes Shailesh

@Deepika - can you give some inputs please I have the same requirement .

Hi @Deepika - can you give an idea if you remember how you resolved this

Hey Shailesh my process going into due to which my day going crazy sorry for delay just give me some time definitely I will share that with u

Okay @Deepika share it whenever you get time