How to code the main

My question is simple, Im currently using UI Path to build some automations and it works quite fine.
But Im annoyed by this main, is there a possibility to show me the code behind it and not the visual things like below :



We can’t see the code in UiPath. Here, everything is drag and drop only. If you want to write your own code then use Invoke code activity.

Hi @kocei,

As @lakshman said, it’s not possible to see the code in UiPath itself and you can use Invoke Code activity to write your own.
But, if you still want to see how it looks like in the background, you can right click on the specific .xaml file and then open with for example Notepad++


this would be so cool only if I knew how to code :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile:


Well, it would be very nice to add it in a future version. Anyway I will deal with it. Invoke code activity doesn’t solve my problem which is the interface itself. :smiley:
I would like to see only code but I guess most people prefer this kind of interface.
Showing xaml isn’t really useful to be honest.
Thanks for your answers, have a nice day.


May i ask what the exact problem is?

visual interface only, I guess It’s the main point

the key selling point of UiPath is the visual interface which allows us non coders to get stuff done.

i am sure someone from UiPath can help you out here @ovi @loginerror @radutzp

Well, this statement is probably true.
I thought maybe there could have been both (visual and code), that’s why I asked

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Yes, you can read code if you’re able to read xaml file. I tried this once while travelling to my office and stopped after reading 2% of that file. :joy:

On a professional note, it’s not possible to read only code after designing any workflow.

Hi @kocei

Please see here:

The thing is, the drag and drop of Studio streamlines the process. You can still write your custom activities though or (as mentioned) use Invoke Code activity :slight_smile:

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