View source code from activities


is there a possibility that I can see the source code from the activities? I want to document my whole process therefore I just want the source code from the activities, so I don’t have to insert a picture everytime I want to describe a new activity.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Unless it is a Community-developed activity, the source code is unavailable. You do, however, have the XAML file instructions for each activity in your project XAML files.


Sorry I didn’t get you. Are you looking for which Source code ?

I was looking for something similar. By source code, I mean the workflow of the activity or the xaml file for it. Or is there any way to extract these from the nupkg file ?

If you right click on a xaml file in the Project Panel you can open the file in the Text Editor. Not sure if that helps or not. This option is in version 22.10, not sure if its in any of the lower versions.


Do you know why UiPath is not allowing to see the code behind their default activities?

Every time I need a little bit different input/output or a more advanced functionality, I have to build everything from scratch, instead of just adjusting activity that’s right in front of me… This is such a pain and doesn’t make sense to me - forcing us to “reinvent the wheel” and slowing down the development.

At least they could share some basic ones so we have some starting point for further adjustments. Otherwise it’s really difficult to build something on your own (sometimes even to figure out how to connect to the application via code) and often I just have to create some stupid workaround via GUI…

How do you deal with such cases?