How to close the message box automatically



@anujgupta88 @sain87 Check attched file for callout actvity (27.1 KB)


Hi @indra,

Thanks for your sharing.
But while trying to run it in my system getting the following exception on CallOut

Callout : Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector:

My system has excel 16, and I have updated the selector (please refer the image)

but still the issue persists. can you help in this regards.



First open user excel file
Than click attach to live element than click on the user excel sheet


Great , it is working.
Thanks for the help.



I am unable to understand what the Callout activity doing here? Can you please explain since i dont see any popup happening. Please help.


I follow this technique to do the thing But I can’t do the thing properly on my Hp Support Assistant laptop can anyone suggest me the proper way to the thing properly?