How to close a notepad with save the change

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I am a new learning to uipath, when I try to use open application, type in, and close application to create a process, the pop window ask me if to save the change or now. can “close application ”activity be set as close with saving. I suppose blue prism have some function like this, not sure if same in uipath, thank you !

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You can use Send Hotkey activity



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I believe the Property that you are looking for is not yet available. Maybe a Similar Property could be observed in Excel Activities Excel Scope but for a Generic Open Application/Use Application/Browser Activity, it is not yet present.

You would maybe need to Check if the Pop up window exists and then Perform the Click on Save button.

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If you are just trying to write some data to text file, you can use the Write Text File activity.



Thank you, implement successfully with send hotkey

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