Click activity closes app (Excel)

My process has been running in production for a few months. Recently, I had to make some changes and while doing so I updated packages. Suddenly, the process fails everytime it clicks on “save as” combo box in “Save as” window in Excel. It fails because after clicking the whole app is closed for some reason. I was wondering whether there can be a bug in UiAutomation.Activities v21.4.4. Any experience or a way to deal with it? I would like to avoid downgrading the package.

Hi @gabriela.sindelova ,

I’m not sure the reason why it closes full. May be re-spying the elements would help. But i would suggest instead of doing Save as action you can directly do it in your uipath activities.

When you are saving the file use write range activity and use the dynamic variable to pass the name of the file.


thank you for your response. I have tried respying it and I have tried clicking in modern design, just to know whether it behaves the same, and it does.
I need to use this window since I have to save the Excel sheet as a PDF.

I also noticed that it closes only in run mode, when I debug only this sequence it runs ok.


Have a little delay before the Save As window appears and are you able to validate the selectors of this window with the new package?

Hi @gabriela.sindelova

You can try with following steps:

Step 1: After entering the File name.

Step 2: Use Special Key in Type Into Activity
"[k(tab)]" + "EEE"

Step 3: Use Special Key in Type Into Activity and Click Activity to select the format
"[k(tab)]" + "[k(down)]"