How to keep close action to close uipath Apps

I need to close Uipath Apps page, how to do it. Found below method but its not working

Hi @n.krishna.moorthy

For using applications you can use the Close application activity.


Since, will opens the UiPath in browser. We can use Close Tab activity to close the Tab.

If you wants to close the entire application, You can use Kill Process or Close Application


@n.krishna.moorthy you’re close!
You can use the Open a Page rule to trigger the opening of the page. Like you’ve done.

You’ll want to move your close rule though. On the page that gets opened, you can add an ‘x’ (close) button and use the Close Pop-Over/Bottom Sheet rule.

Side note: If you click outside of the bottom sheet or the modal, it will close. You can prevent this behavior by checking ‘Prevent Close On Click’ in the Open a Page rule.

Thanks it worked

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Thanks @evan.cohen , will try this method

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