How to select a drop Down option

hi everyone,

i have a situation where their is a drop down option in a website. now to select a menu inside that option i used a select item activity. but it doesn’t work.
actually in the website when i just hover the mouse on that option, the menu automatically comes beneath the option. and then i have to make a selection from that menu
how shall i do it?


did you try hotkeys??

hi @Shabby03
you can hover the to dropdown, then use a click activity using “F2” key to get time to select the item you need to click, or another option is hover, then send a down hotkey,

hi @Pradeep_Shiv, How am i suppose to use hotkey for this?

Its not working can u explain me properly… how to do

i used hotkey but it doesn’t work … can u explain me properly…

Hi @Shabby03
try click activity with send hot key activity as tab where you can view the drop down and for selecting the drop down use send hot key with down

Ashwin S

okay do this

  1. use Click Activty and indiacate on that drop down element
  2. and use another click activity and indicate on element which you are trying to click!
    Cheers @Shabby03