Click buttons problem

Hi’ I have buttons to click on one page, this time join the download of the PDF file (as in the screenshot in the attachment), only here there will be a problem because the machine does not want to find this switch because this button does not have an idx, in addition I send what I have available in uiexplorer.
Pbierz PDF

żródło strony

index is not offered by the attributes, but is available.

However we allways recommend to check for alternates and do only carefully use the idx within the selectors

and do you have any solution to make the robot click on these buttons?


how can you differentiate that you have 3 with the same names

if you click on any of the 3 options it is fine for you or not

in such case we would do:

  • analysing the structures (UIexplorer / Browser Web F12 Tools)
  • check for strategies, how to handle multiplicities, when more Buttons are to handle
  • ensure, when working within modern design, that all unneded selector / target settings are deleted

In general the selector (last line) looks promising. But we don’t know the details (overall stucture). So we are limited to general feedbacks. Often a self reflection on how a person would identify the button can help e.g. for anchor strategies

I have no problem with this because the mechanism I have developed on the website earlier also clicks more buttons with the same name and everything works for me on this element it focuses only on one button and I can’t click through all of them in turn

what structure data do you need to determine this?


can you check with any other attributes like class which is unique from the other

or you can make use of isleaf attribute making it values by passing a variable