How to click particular record in grid

Hi I have a grid every time in grid there is one row with star logo as mentioned in attachment.I want to click this star logo row.This may be any row like fourth row,second row.I want to click which contain star logo and one time in grid only one row which contain star logo.
Now I am using selector id =docimg_3 then every time it select third row.The issue is if for next time star logo present in 4th row but selector id=docimg_3 so every time this select 3 row.
how to click that row which contain star logo @Palaniyappan

@Aditya10989 Is the start logo element contains any attribute which is uniquely identify star logo?

@Aditya10989 Can you Show us a Screenshot of the unselected items in the Right Panel of the UiExplorer, make sure the Selector is Valid. Also a Screenshot of the same row when the Star Logo is not present would help us to compare and find the right attribute if at all present in a faster way.

yes sure

in general this type of document should be identifiable when the src attribute is incorporated within the selector and the ID info is ommitted.

In case of multiple occurences the index (idx) could help.
Another approach would be to work with a find children and looking for this images with the particular src info.