Check condition in two column in one grid

Hi I have grid I need to click that row which having star logo and xc03.find image I am able to find star logo but there is possibility.Multiple rows having star logo.But there is only one row which contain star logo and xc03 in decription.As mention in attachment with red line marked.I need to click this row.can any give me idea how we can do this…?


Can you share the selector of that element


which selector you want to see star logo column or xc02 column or both.because in one time I am only able to select one column of selector…?


Grab the star logo, because that will be your identifier rite?


no that I already identify using find image.but I need to check both(i.e two column star as well as xc03 text contain)which row exist both column we need to select that row.if you not understand let me know will again try to explain


Then share the both selectors one by one


Attached both selector with name in attachment

@Aditya10989 Will xc03 value be present only once in that Column, or will there be multiple rows having that value ?

this can be multiple.we need to select that row which contain star logo as well as text xc03.this is only one row in grid that we need to select.

@Aditya10989 So there are multiple rows having Star Logo, and multiple rows having xc03 value in the other Column, But there is only one row having Star Logo and xc03 value in it’s other Column is that right?

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I am showing you one more attachment both rows are marked with red line.but you can see last record we need to select because it contain star logo as well as xco3

@Aditya10989 It would be great if you could share the Selector of that row which doesnt have the Star Logo as well like the one you have indicated with red mark at first. So we can find the difference between them.

At last we would also need a Selector for the row having both but not for the current row, when it is in a different row ?

I hope it is not confusing :sweat_smile:

sorry I did not understand how to select complete row.When I goes to uiexplorer indicate element only able to select the selector of only able to do one column selector not select complete row

@Aditya10989 I mean not the complete row , i was referring to those elements in that row itself :sweat_smile:

Actually in above message I send two selector with the name star logo and xco3.those one you required…?

Hello @Aditya10989

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Can you try extracting entire data using Data Scrapping and use Star Icon has Anchor and try matching with all the data in row wise and if both Star logo and Column value is available then you can use click!



after scrapping data I need to apply for loop or any other way…?

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Yes you need to use for each loop!

Just loop through the row and get the “aaname” for the description column value(using get attribute)… and check whether it contains xco3 or it ends with (xco3)… then check whether the logo contains star by using its property(which will be slit different it other without star … just grap that particular property) and try it out

thanks for help will try finding star logo difficult for me.