How to click on radio button or text on a pop up window

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I have a use case where I need to click radio button or text associated to the radio button next to it to select it. This needs to be repeated for each radio button.

Select Radio button > perform some actions and then click on next radio button and click some actions.

I am able to get the list of all text associated with each radio button using data scraping in a data table. However when I use click text passing the datatable value under ‘For each Row’, the click text is not able to find or click on the text.

use CLICK TEXT Activity within a GET ACTIVE WINDOW activity and enable simulate click property

Cheers @agoyal1980

I am using the below setup. but click text does not work.

it doesnt look good that you are clicking over elements that are not inputs, see if you can find the actually radio button.

In my usecase I need to Select Radio button > perform some actions and then click on next radio button and click some actions.

Radio button can be selected by clicking the radio button itself or the content next to it. So I have data scraping to get the list of texts for all radio buttons. That part is working fine. But the issue I am facing is when I use the text in the ‘click text’ using for each row from the list, the click text fails saying cannot find the text.

I tried using both click text and click text ocr even within active window…no luck.

with your provided info we cant see properly how is that popup, but if you can use attach window and select that popup, then your selectors inside it should be partials and not contain that html tag…

Pop up window comes up when you click on ‘Switch Accounts’ on the top right part of the background window in the attached snapshot.

Click on ‘Switch Account’ within the pop at the bottom right works fine. It just click text portion within that pop up window does not work.

If I use uiExplorer within the click text and click on one of the radio buttons this is what I get

If you use click activities with those selectors, do you have an error or just the activity ends without selecting the option? If the further then try the diferent click options, simulate, hardware etc…

Click Text ‘SPAN’: Text was not found

but why are you using click text? you have the selector for the inputs…

Can you please elaborate…how else can click on the text or the radio buttons?

you need a simple click activity using this selector:

and should I replace aaname = ‘US-…’ to aaname = ‘“+rowValue.ToString+”’ so that for each value from the data table is used?

i would test it hardcoded first to make sure it works, also it looks like it does have a blank space before and after the text, so maybe use an * before and after…

You mean * after double quotes and before +