How to click on particular tab in a List of Tabs based on the text in it


Based on the Month Given as input in “MMM” format , I want to click on the Tab Listed.
E.g., If input is “MAR” then robot has to click on “MAR” tab, if “JAN” then robot has to click on “JAN” tab and so on.
How can this be achieved through uipath.
Stuck with this for a long time Please help me out!

Thanking you guys in advance!

Thanks and regards,
Shreyas Shete

What type of application is this? Web app?

Hi! You may use dynamic selectors for that one.

Yes its a web application!

Could you please paste your selector for one of tab from uiexplorer?

This the selector for “MAR” tab

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So you may just need to dynamically change the part of the selector containing the month :slight_smile:


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