Click tab on website if date matches current date

I have to build a Automation that opens tabs from a webpage. There are many date tabs on the webpage. I only need to open the tabs that match the current days date. The robot will open the webpage and if the files are dated for the current date then the robot needs to click that date. if the files have dates that don’t match the current date then nothing needs to happen. Any guidance would be great.


Check on your selector if some property contains the date

<wnd app='applicationframehost.exe' appid='Microsoft.WindowsCalculator_8wekyb3d8bbwe!App' title='Calculator' /> 
<webctrl aaname='2020-06-29' role='text' />

And then, you can apply the .ToString() property specifying the date format. Just one more thing, if you use the selector as follows, the selector becomes an string, so, it is not available the option validate selector.

 "<wnd app='applicationframehost.exe' appid='Microsoft.WindowsCalculator_8wekyb3d8bbwe!App' title='Calculator' /> 
<webctrl aaname='" + now.ToString("yyyy-mm-dd") + "' role='text' />"

I have attached a picture of the web page and the URL. The web page and information i need are public. In the picture the first date is not the current date. If it was the current date then the robot would have to click on that date. the robot also only needs to click on the current date if the word Designations is included in the description. I attached a picture that might give you a better understanding. The automation needs to identify which dates are the current date and that the word designations are in the description if these two requirements are true then click on the date tab of the current date. Let me know what you think. Thanks Bro!

@NATHAN_MORA Assign date into string variable and make a dynamic selector using that variable and check if element exist or not, If exist then click on it.


I have used “Get attribute activity” to get the href of click date and i am using it to open in new webpage.

Please find the attached workflow for your reference.Dynamic_Clickbasedon_CurrentDate.xaml (12.3 KB)

Hope this helps you. :slight_smile:



Thank you for this. I have attached picture of the invalid activity. Could you tell me what activity i need to upload to my packages?

Hi Can you Pls include these packages.

Missing activtites are,

  1. Element Exists
    2.Get Attribute


This are the missing activities I am using.


What package did the Get Attribute Activity come from?


“UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities” package

Thank you , Now i just need to figure out how it all works lol

Any chance you could build a workflow for this?

@NATHAN_MORA Please find attached workflow for your reference
Sequence4.xaml (6.7 KB)