How to handle Multiple tabs in single web page


I don’t know how to click multiple tabs in single web page using loops could you please tell me the solution.


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Could u tell more specifically? You could check the tittle in selector , it’s diffenrent for tabs


While attaching a browser instead of using the browser variable int he input, use the selector property.

Let us say you have a selector with attribute with a unique ReqID - 1140 which changes with every new request.

You can build a dynamic selector with the input as the req ID and pass it in the Attach Browser activity which will precisely point to the tab you want to switch to.

When and if all tabs have the same title, you can search for other unique attributes which will vary accordingly.

If in a case where all tab titles are same, you can use a script that will get you all open tabs (in internet explorer) and then loop through the handles (a bit tougher approach)

Hope this helps

could you please explain briefly with any example