Question regarding get text in a application with multiple tab

In a application, it has 2 tabs, Tab A, and Tab B, and I need to extract content at the right (Text area) . When click on different Tab(A/B), the text area’s content would change.
However, “get text” activity always return to me text corresponding to Tab A (even if I already click on Tab B), since the text area’s selector is the same.
And I tried some anchor based activity instead of using get text alone, also fails (report error).

Hi @bob_qian

Is the selector fine

If yes you can try using get attribute activity and check



may i know the application type is that web based or windows or etc…

if you can not get through the selector using the get text try to use screen scrapping methods.

It is window based app.@venkat4u


good after you click the tab, try to use the get full text activity and see.

Hi @bob_qian

Have you tried using Get Full text or Get Visible Text activities? Those will work for you…

The screen scraper wizard works (FullText), could identify text in Tab B, however, the activity block it generates doesn’t work (it gives a attach browser + get full text), would prompt cannot find UI element).


Use the Get Full Text activity without the screen scraping wizard. Then indicate the area you want to be scraped in your desktop application.

Using the “get full text” alone could return result, however, it returns text correspond to Tab A, not the Tab B that I want.


Are you sure about the selector? Have you tried using the UI Explorer to see what properties your tab A and B have in common and tags that are unique to each. You might need to check the two tab selectors using UI Explorer. It might help to come up with a unique selector…

Thanks all. I give up the get text related method, and use crtl C, to copy the text, and it works

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