How to click on multiple identical values in application

Hi All,am trying to iterate multiple identical text to perform some operation in winesp application am unable to iterate by using by find children activity please give some solution

Try using click text activity, in the Occurrence you can pass the looping count to click on the correct text.

Some of records have 4 values some have one then how to use count

Put the click in a Do while loop and use the count with that.

Hello Divya!

I would read the full text and count the times the word you are searching for appears.

Then I would use a counter put it on the “Ocurrence” propertie to iterate in a While loop!

Give it a try and tell me,

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Am having these values with multiple records, in each records I have to click on values then how should i give count values?

Read each record and then use the Split(RecordText,“RecordWord”).Count-1 to know the number of appearances.