How to Click on Hover Button

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This is a Button “Balance sheet Item Report 2” when I hover on this report then some Button will show like Refresh Button and more. so I want to click on Refresh Button with Uipath, But I’m not able to click on Refresh Button.
How can I click on Refresh Button.


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Hey @Ankit_Kumar5

  1. First Hover over the element using below activity
  1. Then you can please click on the refresh button


Hi @Ankit_Kumar5 ,

you can try with Hot Keys, if the Hover solution does not work.


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But After using Hover Activity, It does not show Refresh Button.

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How does it work manually please ?


Hi @Ankit_Kumar5

First hover the element Balance sheet Item Report 2 and pause it for 5 sec using f2 key

when the desired button appears click and hold button until the click element appears
Hope it solves your issue