How to click on different tabs of EBS Java Application

Hello Folks,

I am not able to select the different tabs on Java Application of Oracle EBS. When i see the properties using UiExplorer - I am able to see difference for each tab, but when I run the robot, it always goes to 1st Tab in the application.

Attached the application image below and I want to navigate to tabs like Inventory,Costing etc in the application.

The selector I have used to click on Inventory is -

Upon running the robot, always it goes to Main tab only. Same happening for other tabs as well. Can anyone suggest on how to do this automation.

Vishal Kumar

Have you install the JAVA extension of uipath, also update JAVA in system

Thanks @vishal.kumar

Yes, I have installed already and it says its successfully installed on all the java locations.

As the installation was successful, all the elements in the java window are detecting with property else it would be detecting whole window instead of each element

Vishal Kumar

In that case we can use SEND HOT KEY activity with key as tab
And use n number of hotkeys with keys as tab until it reaches the tab we want

Cheers @vishal.kumar