How to click on apply button in the website in a loop

I want to click on all the apply button one after another in the below image. how do i loop an do it?


Can you share the selector of the Apply button 2 samples atleast?


Hi , how do i get selector for apply buttons?


Click on the 3 lines of the click activity, then you able to see the edit selector click on that and take that snapshot

again click on indicate element and chose the next element and do the same for the selector




I suggest to refer some videos of academy before doing the automation

because you need to identify basic terms


i have send the results in previous chat.can u see that?

idx is not coming as an option variable.

Appreciate your support and help.

i went through selector in academy. it is showing some examples. however, this scenario looks completely different from what it is shown.


Take 1st and 2nd Apply buttons selectors and only it is changing the idx in that selector, then you can assign a counter variable

Assign a counter variable and put do while statement and increment the counter, according to the increment it will go and click

but if the idx is not matches then it will make exception, so that you put it try catch, give maximum results count say there will be 10, but you find only 5 then put a dowhile statement as counter <> 10

when it finish 5, it will try for 6 for it will not found, so if you surround it in try catch, you can skip the execution in try catch

hope this is clear


The simplest way to use click activity for multiple clicks you can use while activity to perform this action.

Hi @Forklaring, You can Extract URLs in datatable using data scraping and You can use Navigate to activity then You can click on Apply button which will be easier solution.