Need to click on buttons on particular selected row in web table

Hi, I’m still new regarding UiPath.

Trying to simulate a click on this webpage which has this button on each rows.
I’ve tried using Find Children then Highlight and Click, but then I got this error:
The following overload groups are configured: Element, Selector. Only one overload group should have its arguments configured.

This is the sample page I’m trying to implement robot on, the purpose was to click on pencil icon which leads to edit page of that particular product selected using highlight activities.

What should I do?



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Place a click activity and indicate the element

Can you share the screenshot of the selector for row 1 and row 2 buttons


this one?


I need the selector, click on the three column->edit selector and take the screenshot

Do for row1 and row2 same




Yes, Now if you check the difference, You can see idx is incrementing to 1

So you can declare a Int32 variable eg: count = 22

use a do while loop, place your click inside

You need to edit the selector and pass the count variable to idx

After that place assign activity and give as count = count + 1

You can give condition count <> 30

It will loop 30 times

Hope this helps you


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ah sorry, i forgot to mention that on Find Children activity, I’ve added input filter, so it should only select rows that matches particular word. This is what I used:

Based on your reply, i’m guessing i need to capture idx value whenever filter selected particular rows i wanted. How can I do that?


have a look here as it is similar to your case. Please note the the achored selector (Nav up/down syntax)