UIPath clicks on toolbar when element is on page but not visible on screen


Apologies if this is common/easy error, but whenever my UIPath bot needs to click an element on a page that is not currently on the screen - ie, I need to scroll, it instead tries to click the element. This results applications on my toolbar being clicked, an application opening, and my UIPath failing as this click stops the rest of the flow from working correctly.

Is there a way to ensure that the UIPath dynamically scrolls to an element that needs to be clicked? I know I can use hotkeys to simulate page downs and stuff, but what if the webpage is of a variable length?

Thanks for any help!


Welcome to the UIpath Community.

Check Simulate Type or SendWindowMessage option in properties of that click Activity and then try once.

Wow, that worked perfectly. What an easy fix!

Thank you very much!

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