How to click either one of two boxes

I have pop up box that offers “Yes” or “No” boxes on a webpage. The selectors are slightly different depending on which page the bot brings you to, but regardless I want it to click yes.
I’ve currently got a click with the selector as:

but would also like it to click when it is:

I’ve tried using variables, get attribute and IF but can’t quite figure it out. The simple option would be some way to say click where id=‘extgen76’ OR id=‘ext-gen76’ but I don’t think this is possible.



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If you can open the selector using UiExplorer, you have also other tags available to make it more dynamic

You can choose InnerText as Yes if available

Hope this may help you


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Thanks Srini, this is the full selector:

html app=‘chrome.exe’ title=‘Summary’ /
webctrl id=‘ext-gen76’ tag=‘TABLE’ /
webctrl tableCol=‘2’ tag=‘TD’ /


html app=‘chrome.exe’ title=‘Summary’ /
webctrl id=‘ext-gen60’ tag=‘TABLE’ /
webctrl tableCol=‘2’ tag=‘TD’ /

I’m wary of the button next to it being an issue if it accidentally clicks no. Would innertext pull the text in the button?

Hi @Zephyr ,

in my opinion if yes or no are the buttons then definitely there should be some attribute like aaname or some different attribute you should have name on it.

Based on the full selectors i don’t see any attribute related to button name. Could you please check ui explorer one more time for the button and see any more attributes are handy.


Hi @Zephyr ,

Can you please select the ui element for Yes button and check in Ui-Explorer if you can find attribute named “inner text” or “aaname” and see if “Yes” or “Accept” anything of such is mentioned.

If possible can you share screenshot from UiExplorer showcasing attributes, That helps.

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@kirankumar.mahanthi1 @Harika_Mudiam thanks both, I managed to find what you were referring to.
I can see it when I indicate element in UI explorer, but I can’t see it anywhere in the “click” selector. I tried to paste the UI explorer output with the innertext line there but it said “Could not find the UI element corresponding to this selector”

ok thanks for the attribute list. i think if we select the innertext it should reflect in the selectors section. Don’t add manually this content it will create some issue and uipath unable to recognize the Ui element.

if you select the check box the inner text attribute should come automatically to your selectors.

Great @Zephyr
Now try to give this selector

<html app=‘chrome.exe’ title=‘Summary’ />
<webctrl innertext=‘Yes’ tag=‘TD’ />

If still don’t work please send over the selector you have chosen in a screenshot. I’ll let you know if you are missing out something

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Thanks all for the help, it’s much appreciated! Harika this worked, I had tried changing the id= to * and also deleting the row, but neither worked. The way you have written it worked perfectly. Out of interest, how did you decide the syntax?

@Zephyr My pleasure. It is based on uiexplorer attributes you have sent. Select only which are static and unique. Once you select them try to click on “Highlight” on uiexplorer. It should highlight the selector and there we go.

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