How to click each icon in a web table

In Acme work items i want to expand each work item and want to extract the available data

till the given number of results

acme work items

i want to click each icon → gets all the available data → come back to the previous page and click the next icon and repeat the process for each page until the i set a define max number of data to be extracted

Hi @sagar.raval
There is no need to click in each search, see url and use navigate activity

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Hi @sagar.raval, you can use for each loop to loop through all the icons

but by doing that i have to get link for each of that , than what the sense

yes i taught that too but i don’t know how do pass a variable for that


get datatable and then put WIID in navigate to activity.
like this-> “ACME System 1 - Log In”+WIID

You’d use Get Children then a For Each loop, but now you can just use the For Each UI Element activity which combines those two.

Hi @sagar.raval
Sense is that, here is chance of selector issue, in navigate to you can dynamically move and there is no chance of mistake

but the question how do i even get each link , i dont want to get each link manually

If you don’t want to use “Navigate Activity” then
Follow these steps,
you can see in screenshot there is TableRow.
Put Variable in it “Row” and loop over click activity.

How to put variable in selector.
remove 2 and click right and select variable “Row”

Now use click inside loop till you want to click

@sagar.raval Thank you so much. Happy Learning.

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