Click on each item in webpage

I want to do some action for each element in a table, sometimes there are more elements and I want to do the same action for each one of them
This is how the page looks

Sometimes this table is bigger than others but I want for each element on the table do some actions

Hi @Juandix

did you try using the for each Ui Element Activity?

you can put inside a click activity and pass the currentElement item


I update the thread so you can take a look how the tables look

What action do you want to do to each?

Here is an example, modify as your needs

Its not working I want to click a check mark after select each element in the table

Hii @Juandix ,
Did u try with the find children activity?

This is how I am using the for each activity but is not picking anything


So I think that you can use the extract table activity, and then loop through each item and then use a dynamic click activity with anchor, so the anchor will be dynamic and then click in the element you want

Do you have an example of the dynamic click ? I cant find it in the activities panel

Why are you saying it isn’t picking up anything? The green and blue boxes show it’s picking it up exactly as expected. It’ll loop through the UI elements highlighted in green.

I think the loop is not working, when i click the option in preview it supose to get what is inside the data, and I add a log message inside the loop that is never been printed


it’s not an activity, it is the normal click activity but with a dynamic selector
I’ve made two examples here: First secuence will use the for each UI element activity and then clicking on all the elements i’m retrieving
Second secuence will use the table extraction and the a dynamic in each element in one particular column


Main.xaml (28.8 KB)

Example webpage:

Table i’ve used

Please tell me if any doubts


For Each UI Element doesn’t get the data. It loops through the UI Elements so you can then do things like Click them. If you want to get the data that’s in a table, use the Table Extraction wizard (button at the top of the page). Or within the For Each UI Element you could use Get Text, Get Attribute, etc.

This is how my selector looks

And my activity looks like this

Idk what I am doing wrong I apreciate any help