Click on a button for each row in datatable

I’d like to loop through each row and click each detail view’s button.
Currently I have it set up like this:

The selectors for the first three rows’ button is:

Please help, thank you.

You should use the For Each UI Element activity.

then how do I select what to click?
Do I still need to modify the click’s selector?

You don’t use a selector for the click. You use the For Each UI Element’s variable as the input element of the Click.

For each row, after clicking into the detail view, there would be a release state within, and if the item is released, I’ll have to grab the Number as shown in the first picture, and if it is not released, I move on to the next row.
Since now I’ll no longer have each row, how can I let the bot grab each corresponding row’s number?

In your For Each UI Element you can use Get Text to get the values of the other columns and add them to a datatable with Add Data Row.

  • For Each UI Element
    ** Get Attribute (use FEUE variable as the input element) the tableRow attribute
    ** Use the tableRow value dynamically in the selector for Get Text activities
    ** Click the detail view button
    ** get the other data you need
    ** Add Data Row to put it all into a datatable
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Sorry can you talk more in detail of what is the FEUE variable and how do I use the “Get Attribute” activity?
I’ve never used the get attribute activity


Use CurrentElement as the input element for other activities.

It works the same as CurrentItem in a regular For Each.

how do I use the “Get Attribute” activity

So am I suppose to get attribute of the entire row, the detail view button, or the number?

Get attribute gets the attribute of the button you’re clicking (because you’re providing it the CurrentElement as an input). Since the other data is in the same row, you get the tableRow attribute of the button and use it in dynamic selectors to Get Text the other values you need from the row.

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