Hit a upload button and popup menu fetch document from one location

Hi Team,
I have hit an upload button and display the popup menu in that I need to select the directory [Like D:\foldername\filename] and I need to fetch the document and hit the open button

can anyone guide me to solve this issues?


You can input full path of the file under ‘File Name’ and then click on Open.

Rammohan B.

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Hey @RaviDevaraj, you can use Click and Select Folder, Select File activity to achieve this.

yes, I have tried that see the below image in a green color box that arrow I have click and then type path not working? [D:\foldername\filename] but it fails?

how can we able to do?

@Rammohan91 Each time i need to go D:\ Folder Name\FileName [Filename should be the latest date filename need to pick automatically and open the file ]

using what activity we can solve this problem?
Note: selecting a file is more complex I think to use the latest date we need to pick-up a file

can you help me and suggest me an idea @Rammohan91 @NavneetPanpaliya

@RaviDevaraj attach file is uploading file to web page check it

FileUpload.zip (71.9 KB)

Hi @indra
Thanks for share the xaml file.

But i Very basic and Hard coded value [file Path] and we are calling but i need to achieve in different manner and complex one too see the above message i have texted.

This is my overall requirements!!!