How to click button based on text matching in list

Hi I have list with multiple lines of text along with buttons.If text matches with string then particular button should click.
for eg,string=name2 and list is like below

name1 button
name2 button
name3 button
if string matches with name1 or name2 or name3 then button should click respective to that name.Can anyone help how we can achieve this?

Hi @vnsatyasunil

You can try with Click text activity


Hi @vnsatyasunil
For each item in list ,use find anchor base activity to find the string in the webpage and then use click activity near to the string.

tried same way.But not clicking correct button

In text what we should give

In the text you can give the Button name that you need to click @vnsatyasunil

HI @vnsatyasunil

You need to use the Dynamic Selector checkout this


You need to pass text name in the selector and then click nearby button.

it is clicking first button instead of 3rd.all the button names are matching name line,in that particular line button should be clicked

HI @vnsatyasunil

Can you share the selector here?

Hi @vnsatyasunil

Use anchor base with click on base and the find element with anchor. In find element pass the innertext as variable for changing the name



Try like this

  • First data scrap the table from website or application
  • Use LookUpDatatable to get the Row index of the given input string and store them in a var “CounterIndex”

  • Use Assign Activity CounterIndex = CounterIndex+1

Then use the click activity and indicate on the first button and open ui Explorer see for idx attribute and check manualy by changing the number and highlight it and see whether it is highlighting the next button when you increase the number in idx attribute if it highlights then drag on that number and you need to right click on that choose variable and select CounterIndex from the variables list

If this steps is not understood checkout this link i provided up


Thanks.It worked.But it is throwing error like Lookup Data Table: In the ‘Lookup Column category’ the value for argument ‘ColumnIndex’ is not set or is invalid.

we are searching value in 1st column always.So in lookup column section column index i have given 0.In target column column index also given 0
when executed locally it is not throwing error.but through orchestrator if we run it is throwing error like this.Can u guide what’s the issue please.


What index have used can you check whether that index has values from the extracted datatable?


yes it is searching for name sai and giving output row index it is clicking name on that site.


You dont need to give a Column index of Target column because you are only getting row index not the cell value


i removed but same error it is coming

This is the data extracted from website right?

extracted through data scraping and stored in datatable.That datatable is given in lookup datatable input

Hi @vnsatyasunil you can try with click text activity OR
Regex selector

Display is \d: here you can put the regext that will be match to your string.