How to click a radio button adjacent to a string

I have a web interface (Oracle Enterprise Asset Mgmt) and I need to assign a worker to a task. The table looks like this:

[radio button] [expander] [username]
[radio button] [expander] [username]
[radio button] [expander] [username]
[radio button] [expander] [username]

The table is dynamically generated and the radio buttons don’t have any IDs other than a numeric sequence. I can match the username with a {{strVariable}} in the target - but that only finds the name - which is two items over from the radio button.

What I need to do is identify the [username] match (this part is working) then to be able to click the radio button to the left of that name.

That part is not working.

I thought maybe if I could make the radio button the target but then use the {{strVariable}} in the anchor settings I could find the right one but I couldn’t see where to customize the anchor with a parameter? I did note that the value= for the radio button does equate to the row, so maybe there’s something I could do with a row counter and then once I’ve ID’d the right row, maybe clicking the radio button could be figured out using that somehow?

I appreciate any suggestions.

Open UI Explorer, click Indicate, click one of the radio buttons, and post a screenshot of the properties on the right in UI Explorer.

It’s just a selector like anything else. Just expand it by clicking the down arrow to the right of where it says Anchor.


Cool! Thanks - I didn’t see that expander. Will give that a shot!

That worked perfectly! As we say down here in the south, if it’d had been a snake it woulda bit me. :wink: Made the radio button the target and the variable name the anchor, replaced the name in the anchor with the var and BOOM - success. :slight_smile:

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