How to click on a tablecol tablerow of a webpage dynamically

Hi, suppose in given web image, i have to click on a particular bank, and that bank details is saved in csv, lets say HDFC bank.Now i want to take that bank name from CSV and click on that bank on the web page…How can i do that.?

Two ways doing it.
1.Pass the variable item from CSV to the selector(aaname) of click activity . (not in this case)
2. Use get attribute activity and most probably “item” field will give you radio button " so pass the value from CSV to the "item field.

Hi @ddpadil,
Can you show me some image or xaml file for how to do that using get attribute activity .

Can you give me that link where you have that radio button bank option

It is in IRCTC website after passenger details form when payment option appears, there click Debit card with pin


I tried using but looks like uiexplorer unable to find out individual radio button its giving aaname as all radio button together .tThough we can split it but you can’t pass value back.
so workaround would be
click activity able simulate easily by indexing attribute “idx
ex male idx=1
female idx=2
other idx=3
So what you need to do is assign the indexing of each bank name in the excel and pass that idx value in the selector as the variable . <webctrl idx=“‘+ idxvariable +’” name=‘gender’ tag=‘INPUT’ /"

Here is the site where i try to simulate.You can just drop once click activity and pass following selector and change idx accordingly .

html app=‘chrome.exe’ title=‘Tryit Editor v3.5’ />
<webctrl idx=‘3’ name=‘gender’ tag=‘INPUT’ /"

By indexing each bank name in excel it is working…Thanks :slight_smile:


How can i click the radio button for all the rows in the web table? the screen shot i have mentioned is similar to what i want but with the radio button inside the table for each row.