How to click a button on a website determined by user input?

Hello, I am in a situation where I need to take user input, and then click on filters in a website based on what the user said. Specifically, I need the user to input some travel information (such as their destination, hotel rating, budget, etc.) , and then I need to make the program click on the filters on based on that information. I am using UIPath community edition. Can anybody please help me with this? Thank you.

Hi @Abhi_Dukkipati

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You need to understand how selectors work for this. As you will need to use variables in selectors.

Please watch this video

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Hi @Abhi_Dukkipati ,

How that input is stored, Is it in excel?

Have you tried this

Open browser first then
1- Read input from excel.
2. Iterate each row of excel.
3. Use attach window and use activities to fill out those info to controls (type into or select item)
4 use click activity to filter records.

If this is already placed in your code then please share the screenshot what issue you are getting?