How to clear fields like search field in mobile app

I would like to know to clear search field and type something in search field using mobile automation.

Is there any hot key combination or any other ways to achieve that?


In type into did you try empty fields?


I didn’t. Is it applicable to mobile automation? It asks to use application/browser to indicate target. I usually prefers type text activity every where whenever need type something on fields.


Try with it…it might work there as well…and yes it does ask for it…not sure if the classic type into works…if so then no scope is needed… ut never tried with classic activities though…you can try and check

Else manually check if any key combination deletes it…then can try with [k(ctrl)] this is for keying control…instead of k you can use d for press and u for release…


I just applied the modern type into activity. But it asks scope(Activity must be inside browser/application). Classic activity did not work either even though not need scope.


Yes modern activity does need a use application/browser scope


Is it needs to be added application/browser scope in mobile automation?

You can’t use Type Into for mobile automation. Mobile Automation Activities has an activity called SetText. You can see the Mobile Automation activities that are available by going to the Activities tab, and see what’s available under Mobile Automation section (please see picture below).

The SetText activity does a clear and set text, so in order to clear something you can use SetText with an empty string.

It works fine for me

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