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Hi, I want to empty some fields in an Application. I am trying to do it with Type Into activity setting the EmptyField property true. But the problem is that when the field is empty, the field disappears(it’s an application feature) and error occurs as the Type Into activity can not find any field to type.
My target is also to delete the field by emptying the field. So now I am using Send Hotkey activities to clear the field. But it is taking a lot of time. I just want to clear the field in a way that is like the EmptyField property of TypeInto activity.
Can anyone suggest me any action by which I can achieve this?


  1. Add the Set Text activity to your workflow.
  2. Indicate the target field on the application where you want to clear the value. This action will capture the selector of the field.
  3. In the Properties pane of the Set Text activity, you should see a “Text” field or attribute where you can input the value to set. Leave this field empty or enter a blank value (e.g., “”). This is what will clear the field.
  4. Save and run your automation to test if the Set Text activity successfully clears the field.

Hi @class_materials

  1. Use the Type Into activity with the EmptyField property set to true to clear the field.

  2. Immediately after that, use another Type Into activity to input a single space character into the field. This will trigger the application to register the change as a valid entry, and it won’t interpret an empty field as a disappearance.

By inputting a single space character, you can effectively clear the field while ensuring the application recognizes the input. This should be faster than using Send Hotkey activities for clearing the field. Give it a try and see if it works for your scenario.

Hope it helps!!

It clears the field but the field exists.

Thanks @mkankatala It worked

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Thank you @class_materials

Happy Automation!!

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