How to check which radio button is selected

In the above image, I have three radio buttons, i need to check which radio button is selected. Please help me.

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@qbss USe “Get Attribute” activity with attribute “checked

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When i used get attribute activity, i got above exception.How to solve it.

@qbss Have a look at the selectors while spying the element and check if you have “checked” attribute.

Hi Refer to this post!

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I don’t have checked attribute value in selector

can explain the solution please.

@qbss guessed it. Please check in UiExplorer. There should be some property. If not, you may need to try different approach.

Already tried with Uiexplorer, there no difference in element for selected and un-selected radio button.

How about trying Check activity

It’s checked the radio button.

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