Exception retry

If the same exception occurs for all queue items then what we can do?
Can we stop the process or can we process all queue item?

Hi @pravin_bindage

If System exception appeared → It will retry based on the count in the Queue.

Based on your Requirement / Needing’s you can do like that.

If you need to stop you can stop the process. If not process it self stop and throws an error, It will process all the queue items and it will return error.

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Hello @pravin_bindage

Is that a business exception or a system exception?

If its a system exception, based on the retry count it will process. For business exceptions, it will change the item status to Failed if you are using Reframework. The business exception you need to handle properly in your flow.


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Hi @pravin_bindage,

I have done the following in the init-state:
2022-11-07 13_27_51-Window

So if the process exceeds the number of local maxretries, it will keep the System Exception and will exit to the End state.

Default these names are:

  • RetryNumber (in my case RetryProcNumber)
  • MaxRetryNumber in the config.xlsx (in my case MaxRetryProcess)

Hope this helps!

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My automations count the number of system exceptions and in the config file we set a limit, so it’ll stop after a certain number of system exceptions. When the limit is reached, the automation stops gracefully.

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