Issue regarding stopping the bot in case of system exception in presence of queue trigger

Hi team ,

In my usecase , I have queue trigger enabled for my bot.
The requirement is to stop the bot for 3 consecutive system exceptions in Process block in RE framework.
This can be achieved by implementing a flag, but we dont want the bot to run for next queue item until the system exception issue is resolved . Now since we have the trigger enabled it picks the next queue item even if the bot is stopped. Is there a way to stop the bot automatically instead of disabling the trigger in such cases.


You could write some sort of a text file that the automation checks when it first starts, and if the file exists it just quits. When the 3 errors are encountered the text file is written. When you want it to run again just delete the file.

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Hello @gokul1904 - You can take a counter variable initialized with 0 and once the value to reaches to 3 you can stop the execution using Terminate Workflow activity. This logic you can implement in the Get Transaction Data State or Process Transaction State

Hi @ushu,

I dont want any other queue item to be picked after after 3 consecutive system exceptions but the process being queue triggered the next new item would be picked anyways.I want to avoid this.


Seems a feasible one in this scenario.Thank you for the input @postwick