How to check if a tab still exists, without using element exist

I’m just wondering if this is possible, so I’ll explain my situation. I have this table that I automate, then after clicking the open button, a new tab with will open with a form that needs to be updated. After updating the form, it will click a button that will save and close the tab. Problem is, there are times that it won’t close after saving. I added an element exists to check if the page still exists.

But this problem only appears for like 1 out of 10 entries, so in the end the element exists won’t be much useful, and will just make the runtime longer.
Is it possible to check it in other way? I have both browser vars(the table/main page and form page) and I’m just wondering if it can be used on this. That’s all, thank you.

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Hey @Shinjid

The below activity may help you.



Thanks! Forgot about this one.

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Cool @Shinjid

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