How to check if a cell contains a list of cells?


I have data in the column A of an Excel file (from A2 to Aend):


The data of the column A is variable and changed manually. I do not know how many rows there are (there can be from A2 to A4, from A2 to A4343, from A2 to Awhatever).

I need to check if the specific cell E3 contains any of the data of the column A.

How could I do?


Hello, If i do unterstand correctly, you want to check weither the colmun “E*” has any data right ?

If so, you can use Data Filter, than check if it’s not empty ?

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Use Read cell activity to read the value from the particular cell “E3” name the output as “Data” and then put a if activity and check the condition like this,

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Hello guys,

I think I have not explained myself very well.

I need to read all the data from the column A and check if any of this data is contained in the cell E3.

Here the point is that i do not know the number of “Datas” of the column A.

In the image i posted above, E3 contains “Data5” located in “A6”.

Read the data of column A
Use Excel Application scope.
Use Read range activity with values as “”, into DTColumnA
Use Read cell activity with value as “E3”, save in a variable ValueE3
Use for loop to loop through the row items of DTColumnA.
inside the for loop, check if ValueE3.toString = row(“CoumnName”).toString, if it is same, do what you need further.


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Read Column A into a data table using Read Range activity with Address “A:A”
Read E3 cell value using Read Cell activity with address “E3”

Assign activity, dr[] = dtInput.Select("[Data below]='" + strE3Value + "'")

if dr.Count > 0 Then “Found the data”

You can use filter data table activity as an alternate.

Karthik Byggari

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Check this workflow and input file Output.xlsx (7.3 KB) , @EngAnalyst
Test_3.xaml (6.3 KB)

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