Check value is available or not in excel column

Hi All,

I want to check that the for code 1 =456 , for code 2= 654 and Name = google is available or not.
please help me on this.


Hi @Naim,
Try using filter data table activity


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Hi @Naim,

First of all the steps are

  1. Load your Excel file to the Data Table by using Read Range activity.
  2. Iterate through every row of the Data Table by using For Each Row activity (the one under Programming->DataTable)
  3. Check your condition inside of the loop by using this line of code (when row is each item of the loop):
    This will return True or False, depending on whether the keyword is present in the particular column of the current row.

and for this case row.Item("Code 1").ToString.Contains("456") AND row.Item("Code 2").ToString.Contains("654") AND row.Item("Name").ToString.Contains("Google")

Hope this helps


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Hi @Naim

I have created workflow based on requirement run and let me know. (17.6 KB)

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Hi All Thanks for you response… I have received 3 reply all are working fine thanks

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