How to check email every 10 minutes in uipath

how to check for emails every 10 minutes from specific emailids for ex… emails from and in uipath… when i start the bot… it should check email every 10 minutes in the background and it should not stop until unless manually stopped.

Add a flow chart> read email> Check mail count >0 condition> if yes perform your logic, If No loop back to read email( after 00:10:00 delay activity)


hi vvaidya
thanks for your response… I already tried it… it will only read all email and give output as list but I need to check From address of the email also… only specific From address for the email

Did you try this filter? If multiple try to keep comma or semi colon (not sure if it work) or do foreach loop email address from array and add emails to same list for every loop. Later validate the list count and perform the decision logic.

“[From]=‘Uipath Helpdesk’” or “[From]=‘’”

@vvaidya @Palaniyappan @lakshman @ClaytonM If you have any idea about this please explain it more. or you have any sample of it.


use Delay activity and set 00:10:00 to it.

what is the Activity we need to used here ?

what is the activity we need to use it here ??


  1. use Get Outlook MailMessage Activity to read mails from outlook and process it.
  2. After that use Delay Activity to wait 10 mins.
  3. And put connection back to read mails again.

which activity is this?

In the above snapshot, do I need to put my username I think It’s automatically connected to my Outlook right??
So I want to check the email in my outlook only and once get the email I want to run the particular task.
And In filter string what to put?


No need of any extra Activity here.

Just from Delay to Get Outlook MailMessage link again.

Use Flow chart instead of Sequence.

If you want to filter mails based on subject, from or to person etc…

And also if you won’t specify account then it will take default outlook account the one configured in that machine.

you mean like this

I didn’t mentioned any condition in the get outlook activity as I shared the snapshot.

But my requirement once I got the new email I want to forward the same email for approval.

I want to run this workflow in the background, I want to bot check in the background and do the task.


  1. Get Outlook MailMessages

  2. ForEach row Activity to process mails

  3. Delay Activity

And again link back from delay to get Outlook MailMessage Activity.

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In the first activity Get outlook and then I created a variable in the output field.
2. used the loop and give the variable and in the body give delay 10 min

How workflow look like


@ClaytonM bro do you have idea how to check the mails in every specific time period like in 15 min if new email arrive then forward the same email for approval. your comment is really helpful. :slight_smile:

can you reply @lakshman

Make a delay, then take the bottom arrow up and link it to the get outlook

you want me to link like this ?
**image **

As I have put the delay inside the Loop body is it right ??? or I have to put it outside of the body. ?

you can just delete the loop and have the delay outside
then make that arrow go to get oulook