DateTime Cicle check

I´m starting a project to read and save mails and attachments, and i´m trying to put a cicle on it but not sure what delay time to use and how to, some advice?

If this process needs to be repeated periodically, why not schedule it inside the Orchestrator to run on an Hourly or Daily basis?
You can find more details here:

If you want to check the emails in a loop, you could add a Delay activity inside a While or Do While activity and repeat this a certain number of times or until a condition is met.

However, if this is an action that needs to be done periodically, I would strongly recommend the first approach

I´m trying to make a action that doesn´t stop ever, it continues running and at “x” to “x” moment of time it checks if there´s a message.

This is basically what you’re asking for.
I created a worfklow that runs forever and performs a certain action each 3 seconds (this interval is changeable inside the Delay Activity).

Main.xaml (4.6 KB)

But I stress again that this would constitute a very bad practice and I would urge you to consider using the Schedule feature inside the orchestrator or at the very least using a different condition for your do while block and not cycling forever, depending on your logic.

Depending on your logic. you could also use the Delay Until Date Time or Delay Until Time activities inside the Microsoft.Activities.Extensions package

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My ideia is to make a forever cycle that receives mails and donwload then all, and every 5 mins it checks for new ones and download then to. But I have 1 week of uipath so I´m a bit lost at this kind of programing.
Thanks for the help, I just afraid of orchestrator because it seens a bit dificult but will try the orchestrator to see what´s best for me and the program.

This is a forever cycle


for each



yeah that´s the cycle I wanna do, I found problem in working with decision, didn´t know the condition.
I would like to know more conditions like .Any , and I still couldn´t fine nothing of .where

Like what may have been suggest, another approach would be to schedule it to run every 5mins using a CRON expression in Orchestrator. That way it’s not taking up a robot for the whole day. It’s not too difficult; just do a google of CRON and you can find out how to run it every 5mins.

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thx, I will check.