How to change variables when running in Debug

When running Debug on a Workflow, is there a way to change the value of a variable?


Do you mean like Visual Studio (watch)? If yes, no. It’s not possible. I’m not sure about the latest version (v2017.1) because i’m using 2016. But I don’t think so.


This has been something that has annoyed me in other RPA software I have used also. Maybe this should go in the Ideas section.

while in Debug, if an exception is thrown, we should be able to edit all the steps on and following the error, then continue from that point on after edits have been made instead of running the entire process again.


moved to ideas :wink:


One more Idea would be: Once the break point is hit, focus does not come back to UiPath. At present when breakpoint is hit, its stuck at the webpage. Developers need to realize about the break point got the hit and manually click on UiPath to see the active breakpoint. Using 2018 version.

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I think this is in now, since 2019.9 :smiley:
You can now edit your variables and arguments in the Locals panel when debugging is paused.


am using 2019.10.1 am not sure how to do this ? should i have to set a break point ? i tried to pause the debug when it was stuck . then neither in the windows on the left hand side nor the windows on the right hand side provided me an option tochange the variable name

Hi @karges

It is possible via the Locals panel, see here:

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i tested it . it works thanks a lot . so is there a possibility that i can give multiple values and test which one works ?
or is it always a choice between the value that is there right now and the value that i am going to change once while debugging ?

other than editing string variables and arguments, can we edit the array values/ values in datarow/ values in datatable?
if I change for datable and click OK, the value is not getting updated in local panel.