Enable Editing Variables During Runtime in Debug Mode

It would be great if we get an feature to edit variable values during debugging the code. If we could edit variable values in local panel during debugging code, it will make developer’s life easy to test and debug the code.

yes, being able to change the values in “Locals” would make it easier. If you didn’t know, you can set the variables in the “Immediate”-Tab with “variable = value”

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Thank you for your feedback @chaitanya.kulkarni

I have some good news - we are already exploring ways to improve both editing capabilities of the debug windows (as mentioned above, you can already modify some variables during debugin from the Immediate panel), as well as allowing you to change properties of the activities (including selectors) when your debug session is paused.

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Glad to know this @loginerror looking forward to use this features! :slight_smile:

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