Debugging Ideas

First, thanks to UiPath for latest version 2019.7.0
I have an idea what if we are able to make changes while debugging.Means while we are debugging if we get an error then if we get option for rectify it at that time only and then we can resume our debugging then it will save our time as we don’t need to change and debug those errors again and again.

  1. If we get option for multiple comment out/in then it also save our time.

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Prathamesh Patil.
India. :india:

Hey Pratham,

This is a fundamental issue with the Windows Workflow Foundation runtime. Please see my post here: Allow to change values of variable/argument during debug run - #2 by Joseph_Iaquinto

Remember to search the forums in case your idea was already posted, so that the discussions can be kept in one place. The linked thread was just started yesterday.

Hi @ImPratham45

I think more improvements to debugging are coming. As pointed out by @Joseph_Iaquinto, you can already edit the variables in the Locals panel, but only for that debugging session.

I believe we should also have the ability to edit the values right away in a way that they will be saved right away, and I am sure our team will get there eventually :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your suggestion. I added it to our internal ideas tracker for our team to consider.

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