How to change TypeArgument in For Each activity in Studio Version 2022.10

After the Last studio update, the For Each activity no longer shows any properties in the properties panel. It just says that All properties are visible within the activity card.
in the activity card, there is no option for changing the typeArgument of the current iteration item or even renaming it.
Here is my case:
I want to change the typeArgument for item variable to system.Net.MailMessage to be able to access mail messages properties like subject, body …etc.

Oh no, I hope UiPath haven’t decided to take away our ability in lieu of their automatic solution as it often defaults to ‘Object’ when it cannot figure out the object type.

I can still see it in my Studio 2022.10 using the latest activities.
Are you using Enterprise or Community? What version of the activities, which project compatibility and language (although I dont think that is relevant.)

Hello @Muhammad_Abu_Senna

which version of package uipath.system.activities are you using? I’m, using 22.10.3 and can see the Type argument. Can you try updating the package again.


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It was just an unstable version of activities, I did update the activities pack and everything is normal now.

Thank you, my activities pack version was un stable.

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