How to change the abandoned time for an orchestrate queue

Is there a way to change the default abandoned time for a queue without affecting other queues?

As of now we would state no. Crosschecking ORC API

I don’t think we can change it seperately for each queues. You can check out this documentation for more details:


Thank you for your sharing. As I have such a scenario to change that abandoned time, it seems I need to implement this function in another way. I look forward to more convenient functions in UIPath Orchestrate queue management.

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Hey @Ren_Yuan

If you are using on-prem orchestrator, the below may help.


The maximum amount of time queue items can have the In Progress status. After this time, the status of the queue items changes to Abandoned. By default, this is set to 1440 minutes (24 hours).


I think its default to 2 days, I absolutely do not think you can change that on cloud but on prem it might be possible.

But perhaps we should ask why you need to do this? If you want to extend it then that raises red flags to me, if you want to shorten it then perhaps you could make a small background process bot that would go into the queues, grab all queue items that are in progress and see if they have been running longer than x hours, they can then set them to abandoned.

Its also worth looking at the framework your bots use, if they are getting abandoned because of bot crashes you can put redundancies in place to ensure they are set to failed making abandoned items very rare.

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Hi Jon_Smith,
I am going to shorten the abandoned time, and I think that grabbing and filtering the queue items is a useful way to implement so. By the way, the abandoned time is set to 1440 minutes (24 hours) by default. Thank you for your great suggestions!

Yeah, you’d need to do this via a bot though.
You’ll need to look into the API calls to set a transaction to abandoned, the default UiPath activities don’t support it. Post back here if you need some help with that.

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